The What and Why of this blog!

Thanks for joining us today!

My name is David and I am privileged to be the pastor/shepherd of a Christian fellowship called The Branch. As a fellowship we are on a journey of faith as we are endeavouring to follow “our” LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ. Like many believers globally we believe that the Holy Spirit is calling us to take greater steps of trust and faithfulness, especially in the area of prayer in 2019. There are two things in particular that stand out for us.

Firstly the Holy Spirit is giving us a fresh understanding of the importance of those two little words in Matthew 6v9 that begin the LORD’s Prayer, “Our Father…”  As a result we are endeavouring to change the way we pray both corporately and in our own private devotionals times from “I” and “Me” to “Our” and “We.” Recognising that as we purposefully choose to consistently pray with a corporate mindset even when we are not physical together, we are actually also praying for ourselves.

Secondly we believe that the LORD is setting before us the foundational principle to daily “READ and PRAY what WE Read.” In other words to not only make a fresh commitment this year to read God’s WORD every day, but also to be mindful to use God’s WORD as our very prayer language in order that our prayers are unified, WORD based and  Spirit led.

We are excited about this journey and would like to invite you to join us in our daily discovery of the power of corporate WORD based prayer. As a starting place we are going to take a verse by verse leisurely walk through the book of Ephesians, which is an excellent place to begin.  With the enabling of the Holy Spirit may we be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the width and length and depth and height” of the fullness of God for all of us… Ephesians 3v18

Family 3

David and Emily and their family pictured on a home made fort!




4 thoughts on “The What and Why of this blog!

  1. A lovely biblical book to start our journey in understanding more of our relationship with God . There is always the promise of redemption and newness of life ,as St Paul so wonderfully demonstrated . Turned from a life seemingly dedicated AGAINST the Lord Jesus , All human logic was defied in the experience where God’s wonderful Love and direction were revealed on the road to Damascus . An awe inspiring moment – and so we have Paul being transformed in his nature and so fulfilling his divine mission of establishing the Christian Church . I so look forward to sharing together more of these wonderful letters that Paul sent to encourage and guide the early Christians . In Pastor David we have a scholarly student of the Bible who shares his deep and loving study and understanding of the historical contexts of our Book of Life .

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