Day 23 Ephesians 1v19-20

In yesterday's devotional we looked at the DUNAMIS power of God and how it is displayed in creation, miracles and healing and most importantly the salvation of our souls. In today's verse another NT Greek word is used for power, KRATOS, which means dominion power and refers to God's continuous and Self-sustaining, All-sufficient power. Read on...

Day 22 Ephesians 1v18-19a

When we think of the power of God it is quite probable that many of our minds are drawn to the displays of God's awesome power both in history and in the natural world. Biblical events such as the Crossing of the Red Sea, God's glory descending on Mount Sinai and the fire of God consuming Elijah's altar of sacrifice at Mount Carmel are tremendous reminders of the greatness of God's POWER. Read on